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(Pro 31:28) Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her:

Hey wait a minute! I thought only the Lord is to be praised? Why does King Lemuel (some say he is Solomon) say to praise the woman of the house? Well, the same Hebrew word (halal) is used of praising the Lord and praising mothers. To the Lord it means we praise Him alone as God and for all He’s done. To mothers it means “praiseworthy” or “commendable.” Because of her virtue and her selfless giving to her family she is to be recognized and honored. So we praise the Lord but we also praise (or honor) moms.

I’m usually out with all the other men at the last moment getting a card for my mother and my wife at Mother’s Day. It’s usually so congested that you have to elbow your way in to find that right card. Even the roughest of men are out there honoring their moms. And when that camera goes onto that big and tough professional football player, what does he usually say? “Hi, mom!” You see, moms are the heartbeat of the home. Her dedication has earned her the respect of her family.

Moms know their family members love and appreciate them. But she also loves to hear it! It’s sweet music to her ears. It warms her heart. It affirms her. It encourages her. When the children rise up and call her blessed, when her husband praises her, it makes her shine. Especially on Mothers’ Day. But how much more on any ordinary day. It’s proper and right to praise the woman of the house. You might even get your favorite meal out of it! (But not on Mother’s Day.)

God bless you moms. We love and appreciate you!



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