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(1 Cor 13:4) Love suffers long and is kind . . .

Happy Mother’s Day! We would like to give thanks to the Lord for our mothers and tell you how much we appreciate you and your hard work in raising us.

· For the sleepless nights and strength-zapped days when we were baby irritable.

· For being a listening ear after school.

· For giving up your personal interests and ambitions to give quality time to us.

· For letting us get the shoes we wanted even though they didn’t fit (but we thought were cool).

· For the endless and thankless jobs such as the laundry, cleaning, shopping, and on and on.

· For warning us about keeping bad company.

· For all the trips to the doctor and dentist.

· For all the lunches made and the occasional love note and extra cookies.

· For accepting our mates as one of your own.

· For letting us be stubborn and learn our lessons the hard way.

· For waking us up for church and enticing us with donuts.

· For praying for us and leading us to Christ.

· For loving Dad so deeply so we could learn the importance of loyalty in marriage.

· For being there for us even when we don’t communicate as we should.

· For always thinking the best and making us feel like a million bucks.

· For being patient and kind so we could trust the Lord’s steadfast love.



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