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(Acts 16:14) Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us. She was a seller of purple . . . who worshiped God. The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.

If you think about it, moms have worked since time began. They have taken care of their husbands and children and have kept up the home. They have also worked hard on the farm or in the family business. But a handful of decades ago society altered and now we see many moms dropping their kids off at school and driving off to work. For some it was an escape. For others it was a necessity. Material goods have inflated, and the cost of living has skyrocketed. For some it’s hard to make it on one income. For others luxury items are a priority. Single moms have no choice. But what does the Bible say about moms going off to work?

When Paul received the Macedonian call, he and his missionary group found themselves in the Roman city of Philippi. His very first convert was Lydia, a seller of purple. She was originally from Thyatira and seemed to be opening up a branch of her business in another location. Purple garments were very expensive because the dye came from a shellfish from the Mediterranean Sea, and the process of extraction was very complex and therefore escalated the price. Only the well-to-do could afford any garments in the color purple. Lydia was also a member of a woman’s prayer group that met by the river. When Paul shared Christ with these ladies, the Lord opened up Lydia’s heart and she was saved, and she and her household were baptized. She then persuaded Paul and his group to stay at her house.

Lydia is that picture of a professional working woman. She was a sharp lady, enterprising, and had great people skills. But she also found time to join a prayer group in the midst of her busyness. When she received Christ, her goal was to lead the rest of her family to the Lord. She seemed to have that balance of family, business, and spiritual life. What a model to follow for the working mother. So, what does it take to be a working mom and also a woman of faith?

- KIDS COME FIRST: At all times the children’s needs and concerns come first. If that cannot be maintained, then adjustments must be made. Perhaps another job? A cut in hours? Talk to boss about flexibility in schedule? Can work be done at home a few days a week?

- HUSBAND’S SUPPORT: You can’t do this alone. Your husband must be 100% behind you. That means he has to pick up the slack to help make it happen. There must be division of labor. Is the husband up to that? Can he do a little laundry and cooking and shopping and cleaning?

- MAINTAIN SPIRITUAL LIFE: Lydia found time for prayer and for leading her children to Christ. How about you? Or are you too tired to maintain spiritual life at home? May the Lord open up your heart and give you the wisdom to wed faith, family, and work in His strength and power.



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