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(Mat 3:10) "And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees . . .

I saw an interesting commercial the other day. A businessman was running around town trying to keep up an insane schedule. His stomach started to bother him, so he took some over-the-counter medicine and then off he flew pursuing his busy agenda. I laughed. Poor guy. He didn’t even take the time to think about the original cause.

I know it’s hard to take a good look at your life and find out the original cause and then fix it. What we tell ourselves is that some day our life will settle down and then we’ll deal with the deeper issue. But until then there are a thousand band-aids we can choose from to cover our problem temporarily. The result is we just keep dealing with the surface issues and neglect to work on the original cause.

How about you? How many band-aids and patches do you have on your problems? God would love to take His ax and lay it to the root of the tree. Are you ready and willing for the Lord to do His surgery where you need it in your life? Or will you keep running and running like that businessman applying a temporary solution?

We would have it so much better if we we’d just take the time to confront the original cause.

Here’s some scriptures to ponder: 2 Kings 20:5; 2 Chr 16:12; Isa 45:22; Jer 8:22; Jer 29:13; Mat 6:33; Mat 11:28-30.



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