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THE LORD’S PRAYER (Mat 6:9-13)

Let’s break down this noted prayer into sections for study and keep in mind the phrases in this prayer provide a template, or outline, on how we are to frame our prayers as we seek the Lord.

OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME (9): God is our loving heavenly Father and not some divine tyrant over His subjects. (Rom 8:15) Though God is so lovingly devoted to us, He is to be revered, and His name to be held in proper respect. (Eze 36:23)

YOUR KINGDOM COME. YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN (10): Christ’s reign is yet future on earth but is also presently in the hearts of men. (Rev 11:15; Rom 5:17) His plan for our lives is always better than our own and so should be humbly submitted to. (Luke 22:42) This planet would be more heavenly if people would choose God’s will over their own.

GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD (11): This is a reminder of God’s daily supply of manna to Israel in the wilderness (Exo 16). God has promised to provide for our every need as we take one day at a time and refuse to worry about the future. (Psa 23:1; Phil 4:19; Mat 6:34)

AND FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS, AS WE FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS (12). We also need provision for daily forgiveness because we daily sin. (1 John 1:9) The forgiveness we receive from God should encourage us to wholeheartedly forgive those who do us wrong. Failing to do so will affect the quality of our relationship with God. (Col 3:13)

AND DO NOT LEAD US INTO TEMPTATION, BUT DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL ONE (13). This includes the temptation to sin (Jude 1:24), as well as the trials we feel we cannot bear up under (1 Cor 10:13). Jesus overcame the devil in the wilderness (Mat 4:1-11) and will guard us when the evil one is seeking to weaken us into sinning against God. (2 Thes 3:3)

FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOREVER. AMEN (13). This doxology at the end is from the prayer of David when God’s people gave for the work of the Temple. (1 Chr 29:11) How important it is to sign off our prayers by acknowledging God’s kingdom, power and glory. This means you have turned everything over to Him and will then live by simple faith in His concern and control over your life. God then gets all the glory.

AMEN (13): Amen means “so be it”. The word itself implies a confident resting of the soul in God, with the fullest assurance that one’s prayers will be answered in God’s way and timing. (Psa 106:48).

What a model prayer! As we pray as our Lord taught us, let us watch how our prayers will be answered for His glory. Amen? AMEN!



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