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(Psa 23:5) . . . My cup runs over.

We hear so much these days about our plates being full. What people are saying is they are so busy and can barely keep up with it all. When something new or unexpected comes their way they go ballistic because they say it’s too much and all so overwhelming and how are they going to make time for this? Truly we are victims of our overly busy society but why does it all have to be so negative?

Think about how great you and I have it. We have a family, a home, a job, a car, abundant food, friends, and opportunities and privileges most people don’t have in this world. And then we complain about how busy we are and we wish we had more time and blah, blah, blah! What a downer we are when God has been so good to us and His blessings abound to us. Our blessing buckets are full and we complain about how heavy they are! Oh God, forgive our ungrateful hearts.

People complain about I HAVE to go to work, I HAVE to wash my car, I HAVE to pick my kids up from school, etc. No, you GET to do all these things. Isn’t this everything you hoped and prayed for? That you would have a rich and complete life with so much activity that you are so thankful to be a part of? This is what gets you up in the morning and keeps you motivated all through the day. Life is good! But we treat it like it’s an intrusion. I think it’s time we here in our blessed country get a BE POSITIVE transfusion and start counting our blessings.

Instead of saying our plate is full, let’s say our cup is running over. That’s the ticket! This is what David said about his life. And that was just after talking about going through the valley of the shadow of death and being in the presence of his enemies. Atta boy David! You saw it right. You didn’t say your plate was full. You said your cup was running over. That means abundance. That doesn’t mean the Lord said, “Oh sorry, I can’t fill your cup up full today because there’s not much to go around.” No, he said his cup was running over with God’s blessings like the waiter who pours too much beverage in your cup and it runs over and gets the table and you wet and he profusely apologizes. Only God doesn’t apologize.

God is so good. And His blessings keep flowing in our lives. Why do they? It’s because Jesus promised the abundant life (John 10:10). That means life to the overflow. The riches of His grace just keep coming and there’s no stopping them. This is just to let us know how much He loves us. It’s also because there are people around us that have never tasted of the abundant life of Christ. God blesses you and as a result of this blessing others experience how good God is and this can create the thirst in them for more of Jesus.

Let’s stop saying our plate is full. It’s not full because our cup is running over!



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