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(1 Cor 13:7) (Love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

The recent elections were monumental. So much was on the line with a new president and some important state propositions. Some things we voted for came to pass and other things we voted for didn’t. What do you do when things don’t come out the way you expected? How do you keep yourself from disappointment over an important scenario that didn’t develop as anticipated? What do you do when your hopes are high and then your bubble is popped and you feel yourself descending? LOOK FOR THE GOOD!

Many Christians disagreed with our president-elect over moral/political issues. But one thing I believe we can celebrate is how far our nation has come in regards to civil rights issues. I’ve seen a lot of great things happen in my lifetime and this is one of them, along with the fall of the iron curtain in Europe and the elimination of apartheid in South Africa. For that I praise God and will choose to LOOK FOR THE GOOD.

We live in a fallen world. Things aren’t the way they should be. Our world is rapidly declining into moral decay. It’s just as the Bible predicted. (Mat 24:12; 2 Th 2:3; 2 Tim 3:1)

But one of these days Jesus will rule and reign over the earth. Things will be right. Sin will be judged. Justice will prevail and righteousness will flow like a mighty stream. (Is 32:15-18; Amos 5:24) Until then we’ll have to operate in a less than perfect state of affairs. And we’ll have the challenge to LOOK FOR THE GOOD. I believe that’s the outlook the Lord wants us to have.

Think of how Joseph had to live among the Egyptian pagans. How about Daniel in the Babylonian courts? The early church among the debauchery of Roman culture? They retained their spiritual poise and dignity without compromising their integrity. There was moral declension all around them but they kept being a light and a positive force for Jesus Christ.

Historically, times of moral and religious apostasy have served to strengthen the church. Christians tend to become lukewarm and apathetic when things are comfortable and complimentary to their faith. But when things change and the world turns against our beliefs then the challenge is really on. I have been concerned about the state of apathy in the church for some time now. And I believe what is going on in the world will serve to demand more of our faith and commitment. Could this be the beginning of a true revival? (Is 64:1)

In every situation we find ourselves in let’s LOOK FOR THE GOOD! Because if you LOOK FOR THE GOOD you just might find it!



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