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(Col 2:10) and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

Are you complete in Jesus alone? Or are you trying to find your peace and contentment in someone or somebody else? Paul said your life is complete when you are in Jesus. So many of us think our life will be finally settled once we:

. . . have more money

. . . complete that goal

. . . attain that item we think will be so great

. . . meet the right person

. . . feel better

. . . aren’t so busy and we can settle down . . .

Once these things transpire, then, maybe then, I can feel complete in life and attain the level of happiness and fulfillment I desire. But it will never happen this way. You won’t feel complete until you are satisfied in Jesus alone!

How do you become complete in Him? Paul goes on to say He is the HEAD of all. Is Jesus the head of your life? Does He control the vast regions of your heart? If He does, then His headship will give you completeness and that completeness will give you contentment. If you are struggling in this area, your heart will be anxious and looking for completeness in other things that could never possibly satisfy.

It’s great to know we are complete in Him. We don’t have to wait until some future time. Now we can experience Him as the Lord of our lives and the lover of our souls. Let the world strive for attainment for they have no Lord of their lives as we do. The Lord wants you and I to be so in love with Him that our heart rings a melody of joy and satisfaction.

Having a bad day? I am complete in Him. Everything going wrong? I am complete in Him. Facing a disappointment or setback? I am complete in Him. What people would give for a peace like that. And you and I have it FREE from the One who is the head of all. May the peace of God rule in your hearts as you find yourself swept away in His love and are COMPLETE IN HIM!



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