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. . . willing to yield . . . (James 3:17)

Ever heard of the phrase, “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken”? It’s a good one isn’t it? But why is it that it takes so long to learn? We seem to be so resistant to change and are so prone to say “no” before we say “okay” to some change in our life. We tend to be more naturally rigid than flexible. And when things don’t go our way or someone gets in our way we lose it quickly. How can we become more flexible?

The Bible says to be willing to yield. Paul and Silas learned that. They were on a mission trip and were working their itinerary. But suddenly things didn’t go their way. They kept hitting dead ends. First, they wanted to go into Asia where they met a closed door. Then they tried to go into Bithynia and hit a dead end. Finally, they parked it in Troas and just waited on the Lord. That night Paul received a vision to go into Macedonia . . . and that they did right away. There was no fussing for Paul. He didn’t freak out and have a fit at each obstacle. He figured that a closed door was just not the right door and must be an arrow pointing to another door soon to open. He was flexible. And when he got to Macedonia, revival broke out in Philippi and on through the rest of his missionary journey. Flexibility paid off! (Acts 16)

So how flexible are you? Always have to have your own way? Get upset when things don’t go as planned? Could it be the Lord teaching you how to bend so you won’t break? Let’s be more flexible and willing to yield because God might be trying to move us into the direction that He knows will be best for us.



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