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And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit (Eph 5:18)

When we’re looking to purchase a car, it is important to know what engine power is driving that mass of metal. We say it has so many cylinders. Then we want to know how big the engine is and all the particulars. For the NASCAR lover it is essential to know all the specs of that special engine because what is driving that racecar will determine its success. And what about shopping for a computer? We want to know what is driving that thing. What kind of processor does it have and what about the memory, etc? But have you ever asked what drives people? And closer to home . . . what is driving you?

What are some motivating factors that drive people? What force lies behind them that spur them to do what they do? If you think about it, some are driven by:

- THE ACQUISITION OF MONEY AND MATERIAL THINGS. It’s never enough. A bigger house, a newer car, a nicer wardrobe, the newest electronic device, etc.

- THE THIRST FOR POWER. Got to climb to the top of my field. If I don’t then I’m nothing, a real loser.

- THE NEED FOR SECURITY. It could all be taken away from me at any time. I’ve got to stockpile. Money in the bank. Multiple retirement accounts. Multiple superficial relationships. Marry anybody I can find because I don’t want to be alone.

- SEXUAL DESIRE. Feeling the urge. Indulging the flesh. Getting deeper. It’s never enough. Entertaining thoughts. Desire to act out fantasies. Stuck in that sticky web.

- THE NEED FOR PLEASURE. In the winter it’s skiing and snowboarding. In the spring it’s the river. In the summer it’s the beach. In the fall? I don’t know . . . we’ll think of something.

- ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. I just wanted to take a little edge off the pressures of my life. But that monster wanted more. I fed him. Now he’s bigger than me. And now I’m in chains.

- ANGER. He hurt me. She destroyed my chances. Now they’re going to pay. I’ll show them!

Jesus steps in and sets me free. Now I’m free indeed! (John 8:36) Now I’m powered by the Spirit (Acts 1:8) and driven by the love of God to reach out beyond myself to touch a needy world (2 Cor 5:14). Nothing and nobody is controlling me anymore. No longer am I mastered by these damaging influences and impulses. I’m serving the one true Master who loves me. Now I’m a slave of God and I’ve never been so free!



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