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(2 Cor 8:14) but by an equality . . . your abundance may supply their lack . . .

Everybody loves a win-win situation. You know, when there is a course of action that is advantageous to all parties involved. Someone has a proposition and you just have to adopt it because everyone will benefit from it. No one is a loser. Everybody goes home happy.

A family wants to take a vacation. Half want to relax on a paradise beach. The other half wants to snow ski. They wrestle with give and take until they find out you can ski . . . in Hawaii!

I remember back when I was the principal of a Christian school that was an outreach of the church. We needed a playground for the students. It was going to take time and cost money. I submitted it to the church board and it was quickly approved. Why? Because it was a win-win situation. Now the Sunday school kids would also have a place to play.

I have a proposition for you. How would you like to be a part of an ongoing win-win situation? Are you ready to put a smile on everybody’s face . . . including yours? This is going to benefit others and you too will reap incredible rewards. Ready for it? Okay . . . here goes:

Start putting money aside to support the missionaries. We have so much abundance and they go without more than you know. We spend so much money on extras while the missionary is trying to reach the level of basic needs. How do we solve this inequality? Here is my suggestion. Start pulling back on the treats and the goodies. Instead of Starbucks every day how about every other day? Instead of that junk-food meal why not pack a lunch that day? Instead of buying that luxury item on impulse why not give yourself a reason not to buy it? Pocket the money you would of spent and at the end of the month make a contribution to a missionary of your choice.

Where’s the win-win in all that? Well, you would have saved money and at the same time prospered a servant of the Lord. You might also benefit physically. Let’s call it the “Missionary Diet.” You are slimming down and at the same time fattening a missionary!

I challenge you and your family to do this this year. When your kids say they want a happy meal tell them you are going to go home and cook and make a missionary happy. When you are craving a Starbucks remember that that Starbucks can be bucks for the hard working Christian worker. You can’t out give the Lord! (Luke 6:38)

God sent His Son to redeem mankind. We love Him because He first loved us. God creates a win-win situation. We can too. We can bless others, be blessed ourselves, and bless the Lord!



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