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Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, And those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. (Dan 12:3)

These days we are so star-struck. Those talent shows have always been with us. Remember the Gong Show? How about Star Search? And American Idol? A virtual unknown can be an overnight sensation with a recording contract and movie deal. Now they are somebody because they have reached the level of the corporate American consciousness. We idolize them because they have found success in accessing the shortcut to the American dream. They are projections of our own ideals and aspirations. We live our lives through them and seem to experience some kind of emotional catharsis to lift us from our own felt sense of smallness and provincial mundaneness.

But did you know that you are God’s star? You might feel insignificant in the world’s eyes but you are important to God! No one might know your name but in heaven your name is recorded in the Book of Life. You might not be in any Hall of Fame but your name is listed in God’s modern Hall of Faith. You are special to God because He made you, died for you, and has a purpose for you to fulfill on earth.

And why will you shine? Because you turned many to righteousness. That means taking the opportunities God gives you to influence people for Christ. These opportunities include sharing the gospel with others and also the practical things we do to bring God’s right way to situations and people’s lives. Being a star does not begin after you reach the top. You can shine right where you’re at. There are people in the darkness of night and it is there we appear as a reflection of the light of Jesus.

You’re not a nobody. You’re not insignificant. You are special to God. You are a star and He needs you to shine for Him. Then one day He will lift you and throw you out into the sky of His new world where by the grace of God through Christ you will shine for Him forever!



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