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(1 Cor 15:57) But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you the kind of person that just has to know how something will end? When you get involved in a book do you skip forward to the end in anticipation of the big finish? Do you get mad when at the end of a great show it says “To be continued?” Or do all your plans go out the window because you have to see the exciting football game to the end? Well, how about life? Are you interested to know how this old world is going to end and how things in human history will wrap up? I bet you are even more curious as to how your own life will play out. God knew we would be concerned so He’s given us a peak at the future through the prophecies in the Bible, especially the book of Revelation. You can feel free to read the back of the Book and you will find out that “We win!”

Now let’s trace the future back to right now. This means that if we are going to win in the end because we have the victory through Christ, then we are going to be a winner now. It doesn’t mean we won’t lose a few battles along the way, but we will win the war because of Jesus. Do you believe it? I said, do you believe it? Say it out loud.... “I believe it!” Okay then, let’s live like a winner!!



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