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(Rom 8:28) And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose

Have you ever had a vacation from hell? I mean the notable vacation where everything went wrong and you came home exhausted, frustrated, and broke? And you needed a vacation after your vacation?

A few years ago we had one such vacation. We went down to San Diego and literally couldn’t find the hotel we made reservations for. We went up and down the block and couldn’t find the building which we knew was there because we had stayed there the year before. We were so frustrated and finally called the reservation number and the person said that the hotel was torn down last year and that reservations were made for us at another hotel in downtown San Diego!

After we made our way across town to the other hotel, we went to Sea World the next day. Late at night and tired after a full day our older model truck died in the parking lot. For the next two days we were stuck at the hotel while I tried to fix the problem. Fortunately there was a coffee shop across the street for food and the kids were enjoying the pool. But here I was under the truck doing repairs. After I thought I had licked the problem I started the car and an electrical fire broke out. Praise God I was able to extinguish it after brief episode of panic. Eventually we were rescued by a good friend and towed home.

Now why do things happen like that? We had prayed about the vacation, worked hard on making the right reservations, got time off of work, packed, got excited, and then “whammy!” At times like that you don’t question because the answers just aren’t there. But one thing I do know is that God does work all things together for good. It might not be at the moment but we just might be able to see it later.

The next year we had the most glorious vacation of all times! Every thing went smoothly and to boot we had a comfortable and roomy vehicle.

When we don’t understand, we just need to hold His hand. God doesn’t give explanations, just promises. And when I’m confused and things aren’t going well, I find my way to Romans 8:28 and just tell God I believe His promise. I hang my hat there and then try to be patient and watch Him work. He never fails. Isn’t He good?



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