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ANDREW: Left John the Baptist to follow Jesus. He is always seen leading other to Jesus, including his brother Peter. He died a martyr of the faith by crucifixion in Achaia, Greece.

NATHANAEL (Bartholomew): Phillip told him about Jesus the Messiah. He was skeptical at first but met Jesus and was converted. Jesus said he was an Israelite indeed with no deceit. History places him in various countries preaching, including Armenia. He died a martyr.

JAMES: Brother of John and son of Zebedee. He was a fisherman in a family business in Galilee. He was a member of the Lord’s inner circle, which included his brother John and Peter. He was killed by Herod with the sword (Acts 12:1-2).

JAMES (The Less or Younger and son of Alphaeus): He is the more obscure disciple with little information about him in the gospels. He is a picture of serving Christ graciously in the shadow of others. He was apparently stoned to death in Jerusalem.

JOHN: Brother of James and son of Zebedee and a fisherman. He was known as the beloved disciple. Wrote a gospel, three epistles, and Revelation. He preached among the churches of Asia Minor. He was banished to the island of Patmos. He died an aged man in Ephesus.

JUDAS: From Kerioth of Judah and treasurer of the band of disciples. He stole from the money bag and betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. He committed suicide. Jesus said it would have been good for that man if he had never been born. (Mark 14:21)

JUDAS (Thaddeus/Lebbaeus): The disciple with the three names has zero information about him in the New Testament. Hippolytus records he preached to the people of Edessa, and to all Mesopotamia, and died at Berytus (Lebanon), and was buried there.

MATTHEW (Levi): A tax collector by the Sea of Galilee where Jesus called him. He was better with a pen than with a fishing pole (like most of the other followers) and so has the distinction of writing the first gospel. Details of his death are uncertain, but most say he died a martyr.

SIMON (Peter/Cephas): A Galilean fisherman and brother to Andrew. He was the outspoken disciple and writer of two epistles. With the keys to the kingdom he opened up doors for the gospel. He was martyred on a cross upside down because he felt unworthy to die like his Lord.

PHILIP: An early follower of Jesus who was tested by Jesus at the feeding of the five thousand. He knew how to lead others to Christ and asked Jesus to show the Father. It is said he preached in Phrygia and was crucified in Hierapolis.

SIMON (The zealot): Not much is known about Simon except that he was likely a fanatical Jewish nationalist prior to his conversion. A church tradition holds that he spread the gospel in Egypt as a missionary and was martyred in Persia.

THOMAS (Didymous or the twin): He was willing to die with his Lord and asked Jesus to show him the way. He is best known as the doubter of the resurrected Christ, who was later convinced by his Lord’s scars. Strong church tradition places him as a martyr in India.



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