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(John 3:30) "He must increase, but I must decrease.

Many of us remember the story of the Invisible Man. He was the scientist guy who had the formula to make himself disappear. When he wanted to be seen he would put clothes on and wrap his face with strips of cloth. When he wanted to be invisible he would take off his attire and roam around unbeknown and unseen.

John the Baptist wanted to be an invisible man. Jesus’ ministry was growing and some asked John how he felt about everybody going out to see Jesus instead of him. He then replied that when it comes to Jesus, He must increase. But when it comes to him (John) he must decrease and shrink down in comparison.

The Christian life should be like that. The question is . . . can people see Jesus in our lives? Many times we are clothing ourselves in our own self-interests and people can’t see Jesus anymore. It’s time to start unwrapping that old man. Then people will see past us to Jesus only.



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