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(Gal 6:2) Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

The weight of life can be incredibly heavy at times. But we were never meant to carry that weight alone. Jesus gave the invitation to come to Him if we were burdened in life and His promise was He would give us rest. (Mat 11:28-30) Praise God our sins are forgiven and we can give to the Lord all of our burdens in life and live with His promise of help and peace (Psa 55:22).

You and I have our own set of burdens in life but we must keep in mind there are others with heavier burdens. With God’s help we need to be tuned in to others around us. The world’s attitude is to just say everybody has a problem so deal with it yourself. But the heart of the Christian will be stirred up by the compassion of Christ to meet a need that God directs him too. Many people pass by opportunities to help ease a burden but the Lord has taught us otherwise (Luke 10:30-37). This doesn’t mean we must be controlling or overly responsible. We can’t meet every need but we can be led by the Spirit to those areas God would have us involved in (Rom 8:14).

Know someone who is especially burdened right now? Seek the Lord through prayer and see if perhaps God would have you respond. The Lord will guide and direct you. What a blessing to be apart of what the Lord is doing in easing the burdens of His people.



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