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(Psalm 1:2) But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night.

Have you discovered the Psalms? What a blessing they are! Here are some of my most cherished Psalms:

- Psalm 1 (Delight in the law of the Lord)

- Psalm 23 (The Shepherd psalm)

- Psalm 51 (David’s confession)

- Psalm 100 (The Thanksgiving psalm)

- Psalm 150 (The Hallelujah psalm)

What are some of your favorites?

There are all kinds of psalms. Each psalm has a different flavor to it. In some there is a cry for help. In others there is praise for answered prayer. In some there is confession of sin and a plea for mercy. In some the psalmist is high in the clouds in praise to the Lord. Other times the writer is down in the pits of despair. Psalms basically covers every human emotion imaginable. For every sigh there is a psalm. What a benefit a reading of the Psalms is, no matter what you’re going through!

I’m a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year kind of guy. But one time I was really in the pits of despair. It was a real dark time of my life. I was in desperate need to hear from the Lord and to receive comfort and solace and direction. I skipped my regular reading and just read the Psalms. You wouldn’t believe how many promises the Lord gave me that got me through that difficult period in my life. How often I go back now to the Psalms for devotional reading. I’ve got to get my “Psalms-fix” every so often!

Psalms is located about the middle of your Bible, is easy reading, and of great benefit. Pour yourself some coffee or tea, sit in your favorite chair . . . and enjoy!



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