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That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection . . .” (Phil 3:10)

Do you know what the first thing the television repair man will many times ask you when you call for service on your TV? Believe it or not, he’ll ask you if you have your TV plugged in. He’s not trying to embarrass or belittle you; it’s just that so many times people simply have their cords come unplugged from the wall outlet. Kind of sounds funny, huh? But sometimes you and I also do the same thing regarding our spiritual power source. We become unplugged and we’ve got to get that power back!

Power is what we need. Power provides energy and vitality and enthusiasm and all we need to do is plug in. Most of us are operating on a dangerous power deficiency. Some of us are borrowing from a reserve tank and that too is running out. Others of us see ourselves as that Eveready bunny finally out of power and road kill in the street!

Think about all your responsibilities and then see if your power level matches your required output. You laugh, right? So most of us just drag ourselves along and hope we can reach at least the base-camp of the Mount Everest of our lives. We tell ourselves there’s got to be more energy for production and we’d do anything for it.

Good news for you, mate. There is resurrection power available for you! Jesus has risen and His power is offered to you. All you have to do is get plugged in. Check your power cord, has it come unplugged? God still loves you, just plug that puppy back in and get rollin’! You can’t do it on your own; your battery pack is failing my friend. Jesus said without Him we can’t do a thing (John 15:5). But we can do all things through Him who strengthens us (Phil 4:13). If He rose Himself from the dead, He can raise you up too. Not only from your sin but also for service. God wants you to enjoy life. Stop rowing your boat and put your sails up and let the power of the Spirit blow you away!!



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