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(Gen 5:24) And Enoch walked with God . . .

Do you ever feel it’s taking you forever to reach your dreams? Have your aspirations turned into perspiration? Do your goals look more like moles that have never even come up for air? Then maybe its time to change your plotting to plodding.

We all like the fastrack to success. And when it doesn’t come we so often abandon our course for whatever will conveniently come up next. Kind of like bumper cars. We’re doing fine until we get bumped and then we twirl around until we can find an out somewhere . . . even if it’s going backwards. But then we’d be going nowhere fast! Is that what we want? That’s adrenaline on the autobahn. Danger . . . danger! Stop . . . pull over . . . see where you’re going . . . “God, where do You want me to be?” It is the characteristic of the Christian to be found . . . not lost! (Luke 15:32)

Whatever happened to just basic plodding in life? You know . . . just moving along at a normal rate. Not getting caught up in the rat race (because we’re not rats . . . we’re sheep!). Moving along at the Shepherd’s pace (Isa 40:11). Not exciting enough, you say? Boring and snoring? Do you enjoy inhaling all that exhaust when you could be smelling a few roses along the way? Is it all about achieving when you could be really living? You can enjoy the process just as much as the product.

As a kid I remember the teacher reading about the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise was just plodding along while the hare was jetting ahead. Well, you know the rest. The hare dropped in exhaustion while the tortoise passed him to the finish line. Funny how I still think about that story.

Let’s pray for a fresh vision of what God wants us to do in life and then simply plod on. We’ll be reaching the finish line before we know it! (Gen 5:24) . . . and he (Enoch) was not, for God took him.

(James 5:11) Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord; that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful.



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