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(1 Kings 2:2) . . . prove yourself a man.

What is a real man? Ask anyone these days and you’ll get various answers. Here might be some:

· A physically strong man such as an athlete

· A powerful and influential man such as a successful politician or businessman

· A tough man such as an actor in an action‑packed thriller

· A thoughtful man such as a song writer or novel writer

· And by some in our present culture . . . a gay man who has an obvious twist of femininity

In our day and age of blurred gender lines and crisscrossing roles how important it is to take a fresh look at the unchanging truth of God’s Word. What does the Bible say about real masculinity?

There on his deathbed David told Solomon to prove himself a man. David would soon die and Solomon would be the next king. What all should he say to encourage his son? It all boiled down to these words . . . prove yourself a man!

You see, a real man is a man of character. But the world looks on the outside and defines masculinity as being a character. You know, a tough guy in jeans or what he has accomplished in life, what he has to show for himself. But the Bible digs deeper into the heart of a man. The Lord looks for a man of character to do his will (2 Chr 16:9).

But how is character developed? Through difficulties! (Rom 5:3-4) . . . tribulation produces perseverance; 4 and perseverance, character . . . David knew there was only one thing that would make his son a man. Life’s experiences! Trials make a man tough . . . inwardly buff! David basically was telling his son to be a man of proven character. If he had the inner steel, then he could get through anything in life and accomplish all the Lord had for him.

Let’s be like David and train our sons how to be a real man of character. Let’s demonstrate what true masculinity is as we face and conquer our own trials and tribulations. Our kids are watching. Let’s show ‘em the real stuff so they can be strong in the Lord and do great things for God.


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