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(Mat 18:11) "For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.

I lost my watch last week. There was nothing special about the watch and it was just a cheapy, but I was very anxious about it. You see, I had no back-up watch because I was in a remote part of the world on a mission trip. I needed to know what time it was so I could not only keep on schedule but also know what time it was back in the U.S.A. This way I could think about life back home and say a prayer for my family and my flock. I looked everywhere for this watch. What would I do without it for another week? Praise God I eventually found my watch and how I rejoiced over such a simple yet important item.

God has a concern on His heart and it’s regarding something that is lost. It is those souls who have yet to accept His love displayed through His Son on Calvary’s cross. The Lord has an agenda to reach every person on earth prior to the expiration of that person’s life or His Son’s soon return. How His heart grieves for those who have yet to hear of His love and to experience the joy of being found.

We as humans categorize people and put labels on them. It’s Joe the mailman, Sally the checker at the grocery store, or my neighbor Sam. But God sees them all as souls for whom His Son died for. May God help us to see each person in need of salvation and give them only one label . . . “lost” or “found”. May God help us to be ambassadors for Christ and to herald the good news of Jesus throughout the land. Yes, brothers and sisters, it is TIME to seek the Lord! (Hosea 10:12)



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