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(John 1:40-42) . . . Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 41 He first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, "We have found the Messiah" (which is translated, the Christ). 42 And he brought him to Jesus…

I heard it again the other day. I heard a preacher on the radio ask his audience “When was the last time you led someone to Christ?” And again, I felt guilty. Yes, I’ve heard the statistics that very few Christians have ever led someone to Christ. Classes are offered on how to witness. Books are written on how to share your faith. We highly respect those who seem to have that natural boldness. But most of us cringe when we think about walking up to someone and shamelessly presenting the truths of the gospel. Therefore, I see the necessity of bringing this under discussion.

The Bible speaks of the gift of evangelism that some people have. (Eph 4:11) And He Himself gave some to be . . . evangelists . . . These I believe are specially gifted by God to proclaim the good news of Jesus. They have a special burden for the lost and seek for ways to share the way of salvation through Christ. It seems to be the top priority of their lives. You see them so naturally talking to people about the Lord. You admire them for that. And the interesting thing is people seem to respond.

But do all possess this gift? The Bible goes on to speak of other gifts that people will have. The Word declares that we are all part of the body of Christ and will have varying gifts. These gifts will be upfront in our lives. The important question at this juncture would be should we relegate the proclamation of the gospel to the gifted evangelists? Or should we force ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and tell people about the Lord?

I would like to put it this way: Though some are evangelists we all are called to evangelize (2 Tim 4:5). Now what does that specifically mean? I think it means that if we are not called to be an evangelist, God will call us to share our faith in a unique way with others. It could be taking a neighbor to the doctor. It might be watching your nephew’s soccer game because his mom is at work. It could be you remembered your fellow employee’s birthday and brought a cake and celebrated. Situations like these open the door for people to see the Lord in your life and to ask questions. Prayerfully they will respond and give their lives to the Lord. (Mat 5:16) "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

I believe that up in heaven there will be surprises. There will be people there that you led to the Lord. Maybe you didn’t pray the sinner’s prayer with them, but you did lead them to Christ. When they came into your life you said by your life and love, “He’s over there!” Later they gave their life to the Lord. And when you see them in heaven they’re going to say, “Thank for leading me to Christ!”



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