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(Rev 2:7) "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. ...”

There are those in our society that are hearing impaired and must wear a hearing device. Those with struggle with their hearing have to really concentrate in conversation. They have to look at the person’s lips and observe the body language of the speaker to pick up clues as to what is being said. Some are totally deaf and converse by sign language. So no matter what the level of impairment, a person can at least do something to be able to make up for their lack of audible capability.

As believers, we sometimes can have hearing problems, too. And I don’t mean in the physical realm, but in the spiritual. We get so busy that we don’t seem to listen. Everything is always so important that we lose the frequency of heaven. But Jesus is calling His church to listen. He has a message for the church today as He had a message for the seven churches of Asia (Rev 2-3). Are we listening? Are we still enough to listen? (Psa 46:10) When we are in church are we tuned into the message God is speaking to our hearts? Or are we somewhere else . . . drifting?

If you were asked what God has been speaking to your heart lately, would you be able to answer? Through out personal devices we check our messages but have we checked in with Jesus lately? There are many messages waiting for us. Perhaps messages such as:

“Missed you this morning, I had so much to share with you.”

“Looking forward to spending time with you tonight.”

“There’s a promise you need from my Word. Open your Bible, I wait to encourage you.”

“Remember that near accident today? That was Me protecting you.”

“I see you are anxious lately. Please don’t worry, I’ve got it all under control.”

“Oh my child, how I love you, come away and spend time with Me.”

Isn’t it exciting when we get messages from our friends and loved ones? I guess it’s time for us to check in with our greatest Friend and loved One.

Our hearing aid is our Bible and hanging out with Jesus. Have ears . . . will listen!



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