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(Num 10:29) . . . the LORD has promised good things to Israel."

I always like to know what’s coming. I like to check the weather to see if it’s rain or shine. I like to look ahead to fun family days that are on the calendar. And I especially like to know what’s for dinner!

Moses was traveling through the wilderness with approximately three million people and God had told him that they were on the move to the land of milk and honey. I’m sure that was very encouraging as he encountered enemy agents, parched pastures, and creepy-crawlies! I bet he kept rehearsing, “The Lord has promised good things to Israel.” What an encouragement this would be to his heart and mind.

How about you? Nothing to look forward to you might say? Too tired of the fight to think bright? I hope you hear the whistle blowing because the Bible is true . . . the Lord has promised good things to you. All things are working together for the good (Rom 8:28). God is good (Mark 10:18) and gives good things to those who ask (Mat 7:11).

Tell the Lord today that you are going to trust Him for the promise of good things for your life. Moses did and God led Israel into the Promised Land. And that’s where you’re going too so start believing in the goodness of the Lord!



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