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(1 Pet 1:13) Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Do you fantasize a lot? Do you long for a better life so you create one in your mind? And do you like to go there because it makes you feel happy for a while?

Why do we do this? We choose fantasy because of reality. Reality stinks so we go into this other world where we can escape. We feel ‘tis better to dream then scream!

Sometimes we go into the past. We tell ourselves it was so much better then. The glory days! We had the world by the tail. It was a lot of fun and laughs. Things weren’t so heavy then. Like sailing on the ocean on a summer day. (Eccl 7:10)

Sometimes we go into the future. We create a scenario of how life can and should be. We put people where they should be on the stage. We move the props around and adjust the lights and then lift up the curtain and enjoy the play before it quickly fades away . . . back into reality. (Pro 27:1)

What do you do when it all goes poof? You get disappointed. You get depressed. You get angry and wonder why your world isn’t like the one on your fantasy island.

If reality is harsh and fantasy is a fading dream . . . what do you do, then? Try ecstasy! Be so in love with Jesus that no matter what happens you know God is in control and everything will work together for the good. (Rom 8:28, 31) Be thrilled with the love of Christ so that any kind of harsh reality just won’t matter anymore. Jesus is with you, and you and Him can get through anything! You don’t need to fantasize or run away in your mind. The Lord is your safe place. (Psa 18:1-3) You’re like the woman in Song of Solomon who is in rapturous love with her king. Life doesn’t stink when you got the link! No more fading dreams when your Prince has come to rescue you. Jesus is all your dreams come true. Comfort for today. Confidence for tomorrow. The best is yet to be as He whisks you away into that forever kingdom of love. (John 14:1-3)

Now that’s something to really think about!



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