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(2 Tim 2:24) And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient.

There are times when people will frustrate us and we will get tired of them constantly working against us and so provoking us. We will want to lose our cool and blow up in their face. That might be what they deserve but it will make us look like a fool and it will cause much damage to the relationship at hand. God has a better way. It’s a way of trusting God for the fruit of the Spirit to flow from our lives. The fruit of gentleness and patience might not be the dominant character quality of your life but remember the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you can avoid arguments and disputes that only generate strife. You can trust God to make others reasonable and agreeable and at the same time keep you humble and loving.

So whether it’s a person on the job, a child in the home, a customer or a client, the Lord understands what’s going on and might just be testing you a little so you can develop the character of Christ in your life. It makes a difference being a Christian. We shine forth in the midst of the darkness when we choose to let God change the mind and heart of another person and as we stay out of the way so He can do just that.

Relax this week and just let the Lord work things out. Enjoy people and remember the best way to change someone else is to change yourself!



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