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(1 Pet 1:8) . . . joy inexpressible and full of glory,

Are you bored in life? Is your job uninteresting? Your school a drag? Your marriage lackluster? Your social life dull? Your faith dry? Do you lack excitement in life? Do you long for that enthusiasm for living you once had? Would you like to get that edge back like when you would wake up and had something to get out of bed for? You know . . . “Hello world . . . better get outta my way cause here I come!”

Watch out because usually after times of boredom and dullness are times of challenge and reward. That’s right . . . just around the corner something is going to happen in your life that is going to take you from the dumps and get you pumped. That’s the way God seems to work in our lives. He lets things get so dull that you cry out for the next step in what He has for you. He wants you to move on from the conventional to the exceptional (Eph 3:20). He’s waiting for that fervent prayer of your heart before you flatline into mere existence (James 5:16). He wants to infuse you with joy and purpose and stimulate you to the next level of His design for you (2 Cor 3:18).

Moses . . . bored in the desert until he saw the burning bush (Exo 3). David . . . sleepy in shepherding sheep until God said shepherd My people (1 Sam 16). James and John . . . mending nets (again) then called to mend lives (Mark 1:19-20).

How about you? Are you feeling your pulse rising? Are you ready to get recommissioned and on a mission? You better because it’s coming sooner than you think! (Jer 29:11)



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