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(Psa 23:3) He restores my soul . . .

Every now and then it’s a surprise when you see a store going out of business. It’s been there forever, and you never would have guessed they were closing their doors. Now you’re going to have to find another place to shop. It’s kind of how we can feel sometimes in the Christian life. We just can’t go on anymore. We’re tired. We just don’t have the resources like we used to have. We had our heyday and it’s time to go off the active list. But wait. Is that how the Christian life should be? Take that defeated shingle off your door because soon you’re going to be back in business!

I love old cars and I’ve had little bit of experience in car restoration. You wonder if the car could ever be road-worthy again. I guess you just have to have vision. You’ve got to look beyond what you see to the potential. It’s going to need some time and attention. It’s going to take some resources. But there’s nothing like driving that rod down the street when it’s all done. You get a lot of thumbs-up and kudos and you enjoy sharing your before and after pictures. This car’s back in business!

Do you feel like you’re in the junkyard of life? Out of commission with no mission. Sapped? Need a zap? God’s into restoration. He wants to put you back in business.

Don’t tell me about days gone by. There are plenty of tomorrows left for you. Yes, you’ve gone through a lot and it’s taken a toll. But your effectiveness for Christ is not over. You just need to be restored. Here’s some scriptures to encourage you:

  • (Gen 41:13) . . . He restored me to my office . . .

  • (Job 42:10) And the LORD restored Job's losses . . .

  • (Psa 51:12) Restore to me the joy of Your salvation . . .

  • (Psa 80:3) Restore us, O God; Cause Your face to shine, And we shall be saved!

  • (Jer 30:17) For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,' says the LORD . . .

  • (Zec 9:12) . . . I will restore double to you.

It’s amazing what the Lord can do when you put it all in His hands. He’ll restore your life and get you rolling again. You’ll be a testimony of what God can do. Others will see and be encouraged. Take that shingle down and tell everyone that you’re back in business!



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