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(Gal 4:4) But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son . . .

Let me build for you a case for punctuality. For some a topic of punctuality is heartwarming and most welcome. It would bring a sense of affirmation to that person who feels being prompt and on time is both a non-negotiable and high priority issue. For others the subject of punctuality is quite confining and actuality revolting. I recognize the polarity problem right up front but I’m not afraid of it. It will actually help me build a tenable thesis though rife with brevity.

But first . . . consider this. Paul wrote that God sent forth His Son when the fullness of the time had come. The Roman Empire was a time of peace. Roads were built that paved the way for travel. The Grecian empire provided the lingua franca of the day (koine Greek). There was a messianic hope building amongst the dispersion of the Jews throughout the world. It was at this time that Jesus came. It was the perfect time in history . . . the time appointed by God. He wasn’t early. He wasn’t late. It was the fullness of time.

Now we know timing is essential. Some say timing is everything. (I don’t think anything is everything, but it can be something). Consider the batter hitting the ball. Think about cooking in the kitchen. Weigh the fact of medicines being taken at a certain prescribed time. We would have to confirm that timing is essential in many cases in a world of day and night.

Our western society is built on a strong sense of time. It is customary for things to start at a certain hour. Work. School. A doctor appointment, and so on. There is an expectation of complicity and a certain disdain for any inappropriate disregard.

What can we say about a person’s attempt at promptness and regularity? I guess the largest fact is it manifests a consideration towards others, which is a godly trait no doubt. It’s also a matter of character. Character is your determination to do the right thing even when it rubs you the wrong way. Which brings out a point.

Some people want to be a character before they think about character. They want to have sovereignty over their schedule. They hate being pinned down. They’re more of a “free-bird” type. They have their own schedule that incorporates thirteen months out of the year and twenty-five hours in the day. You know, that fantasy free time that floats their boat and brings them into port at their own arrival time.

Now is this tribe in error? Are they the mavericks of the moment? What about the prompt princes on the other side of the spectrum? Well, I believe God made us all different. We just have to muster up or mellow out according to our personalities. We also learn love and respect for each other’s differences whether we are a lark or a late bird. But one thing we can say for sure. Jesus came at the fullness of time. At any rate, this is all a small case for punctuality.



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