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(Ruth 3:18) Then she said, "Sit still, my daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day."

Kids can’t seem to sit still. You tell them to not move their bodies and they seem to then perform the human pretzel. You know, they’re quiet but their bodies start twisting and contorting. They slide around and off their seat, then get back up. They start grunting, groaning, and sighing as if they were in a torture chamber. They are only temporarily satisfied with an ice cream cone or a coloring book, then quickly go back to the contortionist routine.

God’s kids are kind of like that, too. God tells us to wait and we sort of do it but not with much grace. We are usually impatient and have a hard time sitting still in God’s waiting room. We fiddle, we fuss, we complain and barely maintain. All in all, God looks on us with love and deals with us in His wonderful patience. He knows we would be much happier if we would just settle in and enjoy the ride, but He knows we are just children who are learning the art of sitting still as He works things out.

Naomi told Ruth to sit still and wait for Boaz to make the next move. Ruth had gone to Boaz and told him that he was her nearest of kin and therefore her kinsman redeemer. This was an Old Testament precept from the Lord whereby you could help your relatives out who were in a pinch. Now it was Boaz’ turn and he went right into action in working out the situation at hand with Ruth. What a beautiful story in the book of Ruth. What great advice of Naomi to Ruth. What a principle to learn: that God will work as we rest. He will conclude the matter at hand that concerns me. I can actually wait as He works. I can sit still as He performs His will. What a wonderful quality of life I can have even when things are up in the air. Up in the air? Yeah, that’s right . . . up in the air . . . in God’s hands. I think I’ll relax!



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