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. . . men who have risked their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 15:26)

Ever have a hero as a kid? I sure did. Those crime fighters in the old westerns, the superheroes in the comic books, and the baseball players I idolized. (Why did I ever sell my Mickey Mantle baseball card to the kid across the street?!). Most recently we’ve had the brave examples of those who laid down their lives on 9-11 as well as the men and women of valor who are paying the price for freedom and democracy in the hot spots of the world. But there’s one modern day hero we all need to think about . . . the modern day missionary!

Think about it. People like you and me who received a call from the Lord to leave everything dear to go serve the Lord in some foreign country and culture. Imagine giving up the comforts of home and all you know to adopt a strange and unfamiliar culture to lead the indigenous people to Christ. I mean, what do you do on Thanksgiving when the nearest turkey is 5,000 miles away? What about when Christmas comes around and your family back home is having a white Christmas while you’re dripping in tropical heat? (What do you do . . . decorate a banana tree?). What about the Superbowl when you have no TV and are super-sick with some fever? These are just a few of the multitude of inconveniences a missionary may face.

There are times when I get down and depressed with my little problems and then I think of that missionary who has sacrificed all for the cause of Christ. What a great “reality check” it is! Then I say a prayer for the missionaries I know and ask God to be with them, to keep them safe and healthy, and to provide for all their needs so they can serve the Lord and bear fruit for Him.

Who do I look up to as my modern-day hero? The actor? The athlete? The American idol? Not even close! It’s the modern-day missionary . . . out of sight but not out of mind or heart!



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