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(Gen 1:27) So God created man in His own image . . . male and female He created them.

Today the lines are blurred, and a lot of people are confused as to a proper sexual orientation. Years ago, we never had to even think of doing a Bible study on this topic but how the times have changed. We want to lovingly guide people to the truth of God’s Word, so they accept and be happy with how God created them. Other voices are out there but what does God have to say?

God made mankind male and female. Then He told them to be fruitful and multiply. That takes male and female together! Even the animals were created male and female. That set the pattern of things even before man was created. There is a lot of common sense in these things, but we have to remember that man is fallen, and sin corrupts. People come up with a lot of ideas that sound good, or even feel good, but are erroneous nevertheless. Satan is the father of lies and he seeks to deceive man and pervert the right way of things . . . how God created them to be for our good and pleasure.

Peter’s first sermon on the day of Pentecost included the words, “Be saved from this perverse generation." (Acts 2:40) The word perverse is the Greek word skolios from where we get our word scoliosis. That’s curvature of the spine. It’s not straight. It’s twisted. It’s not the way it should be. It can lead to pain and suffering.

Remember the ‘80s? That’s when the lines started to be really blurred between the sexes. Michael Jackson popularized androgyny and Boy George cross-dressing. Now look at our society. People are signing up to get a sex change and some insurance companies will even cover the operation. (Rom 1:28) And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.

Now we know a man can have natural feminine traits and a woman masculine traits. A girl can be a tomboy, etc. We’re not talking that. We’re talking about people who choose to ditch and switch. They feel something inside. They want to express themselves. They like the bizarre and Mardi Gras. But the Bible says to not follow the impulses of a fleshly heart (Jer 7:24). We are to follow the truth. And the truth is you are not born “different.” It is a sinful tendency that is acted upon with the help of a liberal society who says you can be what you feel.

What not to wear: (Deu 22:5) A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the LORD your God. You will only be happy when you fully accept the way God made you. It’s male or female. Being yourself is being how God made you. His gifts are good and perfect, and you don’t have to change a thing. (James 1:17)



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