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(James 2:23) Abraham ... was called the friend of God.

Feeling lonely these days? Lonely means being without company and feeling cut off from others. Isn’t it interesting how you can feel lonely even in a crowd or in your own full house? Loneliness is not just being alone, it is feeling alone. Some people look forward to being alone so they can think and get things done. Others dread being alone and have to constantly connect.

Do you know God loves you and wants to fill your heart with His presence and love? He wants you to experience His friendship. He wants to go through everything you’re going through with you. He is concerned about your situation more than you are. He doesn’t want you to go through it alone. All throughout the night He watches over you. In the morning He anticipates your rising so He can walk with you through the day. He longs to share His love and intimacy with you by His presence and through His love letters He has written to you . . . His Word. He loved you before you were even born. He loved you before the worlds were even created. His eye is on the sparrow when it falls, how much more upon you, His redeemed child through His Son Jesus Christ.

Let the Lord into your experiences. Share the dreams of your heart with Him. He probably placed those there Himself in the first place. Talk to Him when you take a drive and see those wildflowers. Let your heart rise up with praise to your Creator, Redeemer, and Friend. Let Him fill your house, your car, your workstation with His presence. You will be like Abraham who enjoyed the Lord and His compassions and was called the friend of God. Alone maybe, but never lonely when God is by your side. Jesus fills the deepest needs of the human soul. Dear child of God, may you be rooted and grounded in His love today (Eph 3:17-19).



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