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(2 Cor 11:3) . . . the simplicity that is in Christ.

Each year I experience the same range of emotions regarding the holidays. First, I dread them, then I ease into them, and finally I get the Christmas glow. But it’s that early dreading part that I have to deal with and work through in my heart. First, I complain that the season is so commercial . . . that it shrouds the true meaning. Then it’s the energy part . . . having to put so much time into planning, decorating, shopping, traveling, etc. Then last but not least is the financial part of it . . . going for broke and avoiding a stroke. But is there a way to not only endure the holidays but to really enjoy them? Is it possible for a modern-day Scrooge to thrive instead of survive this time of year? I believe it is possible if we approach the holidays with a mentality of:

SACREDNESS – Christmas is all about Christ! We celebrate His coming into the world to be our Savior. We know He was born to die for our sins and to rise again to be our risen Lord and soon-coming King. Christmas is a time to worship the Lord and to keep focused on the true Reason for the season.

SIMPLICITY – You can go wild at Christmas time and overdue the whole thing. But let’s keep it simple! Keep in mind the first Christmas. It was just Joseph and Mary and Jesus in a stable. Nothing elaborate. Humble. Along came the shepherds and then the wise men. That’s about it. The world passed Jesus by. Too busy . . . mind on other things . . . just like today.

SACRIFICE – Making that purchase, wrapping that gift, and offering it to another person at Christmas is a worthy sacrifice. You can view it as completely obligatory and a waste of time and money, or a true expression of love to that person in your life. It points back to God’s sacrificial gift of His own Son. True love is always sacrificial.

I hope this will help you ease into the holidays. Yes, the world overdoes it but we can rise above it and get that Christmas glow early, so we can remind people about Jesus Christ, the Light of the world!



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