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In the Bible we read about how the Israelites enjoyed the feasts of the Lord in the Old Testament. The gospels also reveal how Jesus ate often in fellowship with others. But when we have a serious concern on our heart or if we as a body have a corporate concern, then it’s time to seek the Lord with fasting. Fasting is a very rewarding experience. May the Lord direct us to fast as the Spirit leads. And I pray the following Bible study will give you insight on scriptural fasting:

Definition - “To go without food for the purpose of seeking God”.


· For guidance (Judges 20:26-28)

· Victory over temptation (Matthew 4:1-2)

· National repentance (1 Samuel 7:5-6)

· Burdened for others (Nehemian 1:3-4)

· Personal concerns (1 Samuel 1:7, 10)

· Direction for ministry (Acts 13:1-3)


· Pride (Neh 9:1-2; Joel 2:12; Matthew 6:16-18)

· Empty ritualism (Zechariah 7:5-7)

· Forgetting true spirituality (Isaiah 58:4-6)


· Supernatural fast - No food and no water (Exo 34:28). Not a normal fast and usually never lasted more than three days (Ezra 10:6-8; Esther 4:16).

· Normal fast - No food but liquids okay and for a time that the Spirit would lead (most common in the Bible).

· Partial fast - Eating lightly (blander food) while abstaining from rich and sweet foods. This is good if you have to keep up your busy and strenuous schedule as Daniel evidently did. Fasting doesn’t have to be all or nothing. (Dan 10:1-5)

*Please check with your doctor if you have special needs.

How blessed we are to enjoy the food God has graciously and abundantly given to us. And what a blessing it is to go without food for a time when we feel directed to seek the will of the Lord for our lives.



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